How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Motivational Speaker?

q&a Sep 05, 2019

It's tempting to say that anyone can become a motivational speaker at any age.

Heck, that's what a motivational speaker would say, right?

"Go for it!" "You can do it!" "You're never too old and never too young to get started!!!"

Look, I firmly believe that age is not a factor.

Until it is.

Sure, anyone can become a motivational speaker at any age, but let's be real for a second. You can't exactly speak on any topic at any age.

* Can you imagine listening to an seventeen-year-old talk about How to Age Gracefully?
* What about a sixty-year-old giving a talk called Life in High School?
* Would you sign up to a marriage seminar put on by a twenty-year-old?

BUT, and this is important...

That's pretty much where the age restrictions end.

Would you want to hear a seventy-five-year-old talk about What's Trending in Technology? Your first reaction might be, "Nope. Too old. What could he possibly know about current trends?" But what if this guy was the CEO of the most innovative tech company in the world?

And if that CEO was in an audience, would he want to be watching a 20-something year old punk teaching him how to run a company? He would if that punk was Mark Zuckerberg in his late 20's.

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: Sam Berns was 17 years and 2 days old when he gave a speech called "My Philosophy for a Happy Life." What kind of perspective on life can a 17-year-old POSSIBLY have?

Whelp, Sam's TEDx talk has a whopping 28,672,498 views and counting.

Sometimes people think age is the problem when the issue is really something else.

Here's the REAL Issue...


It's usually not just about age. If you can stand on a stage and deliver a presentation with credibility, then does your age really matter?

A seven-year-old can become a motivational speaker and so can a seventy-seven-year-old. It truly is never too late, and it's never too early.

Age is only one factor people consider when assessing your credibility. A factor that can easily be overcome with other, more relevant factors.

Your authenticity is much more important than your age.

If you try to be someone that you're not, then you will fail. If you try to claim some knowledge that you don't truly have, then you will fail. If you try to speak on a topic only because it's "trendy," then you will fail. If you don't believe that what you have to say is valuable and worth listening to, then you will fail.

So, What's the Solution?

Bring it.

Every time you get on stage, give them your best, most authentic self.

Stay confident, but not arrogant.

Never try to impress anyone. Let your speech do the talking for you.

Know your shit. (YOUR shit. Stop worrying about everyone else's shit.) 

BELIEVE that what you have to share will help people.


When people see you rock a room with your message, they'll forget all about your age.

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