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Do You Want More (PAID) Speaking Gigs?

Simple Answer...get this book, get speaking gigs

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What's Inside the Book?

Not just a action guide. This paperback is full of step-by-step advice, checklists, templates, and resources. In its 167 pages, you'll find:

* Five things you MUST have before you can ever book a paid gig - Stop being distracted by everything else!
* Seven complete methods for going out and getting speaking gigs
* Seven complete systems for getting speaking gigs to find YOU
* Fee "negotiation" strategies that consistently get me $10,000-$20,000 per gig
* The real secrets to publishing and launching a book
* How to get listed with a top speaker's bureau (and why you may not want to)
* The three steps to building a speaker business with a laser-focus on bringing home checks
* The five different types of speakers and what they can expect to get paid
* Thirty-nine ways to turn each gig into more gigs
* Exactly how to get to the top of the pile, beat out the competition, and become the ONLY choice
* FORTY-SIX national and international organizations that will book you - even if you have ZERO experience or provable expertise
* And lots more stuff that isn't as sexy, but is SUPER-important!

Is There an Ebook Version?

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