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The How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 PAID Gigs - Course and Toolkit is the shortest path to 100 PAID speaking gigs.


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Have a sneak peek at the entire course. You'll be blown away by what you get. Tutorials, walkthroughs, checklists, resource guides, done-for-you documents, and more. All designed to grab you by the hand and whisk you off to the land of the highly-paid speaking gigs.


Tim David's speaking and writing has been featured in hundreds of media outlets. Including...

"Tim's program has all you need to become a speaker and get paid for it. There is no BS. When you invest in his program you will be leaning from a leader who speaks for a living and he is a great mentor. Just do it."

Greg Dwyer
Speaker, CT

What is the "How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 Paid Gigs Course and Toolkit" and How Will it Bring Me a Calendar Full of Highly-Paid Speaking Gigs?

Hey there, fellow audience-riler.

Highly-paid speaking gigs. The idea sounds great, right? Travel to exotic destinations, stay at incredible hotels and resorts, share your message with an enthusiastic audience, and then collect a huge check at the end? What could be better than helping people AND having fun AND earning game-show-contestant-like money?!?

Well, for starters, it would be nice if it were a bit easier to get into, yes? It seems like you're either in or your out. And if you're out, then it’s not easy to find your way in.

  • Who books these gigs?

  • How do you reach them?

  • What do you say to these people so that you don't sound like an idiot?

  • Why would they hire you when there are hundreds of other, more established, more experienced speakers available?

How can you possibly break into an industry like paid, professional speaking if you've never done it before?

When I was 27, my oldest daughter was born. I was a professional freelance magician averaging about 300 shows a year all around the United States. I had a blast, but hated being away from her for so long.

I saw public speakers earning insane fees, so I did some math. If I could book speaking gigs instead of magic gigs, then I could earn three times as much while working 90% less.


I Had ZERO Credibility!!!

  • I was a college dropout.

  • I had no real work experience (the mall job doesn't count)

  • I had no useful knowledge or skills (except how to work a raccoon puppet.)

  • I hadn't written any books.

  • I didn't have any letters after my name.

  • I had never done a single speaking gig - paid or free.

  • I was still in my 20's.

  • I was shy, depressed, and decidedly UN-motivational.

  • I had no natural speaking talent.

  • I had no budget (Exhibit A: the tuxedo t-shirt and plastic top hat.)

  • I had NO IDEA what I even wanted to speak about!

How was someone like me EVER going to become a top corporate keynoter?


But My #1 BIGGEST Problem was that Over 80% of Planners Say they Only Hire Speakers they've Personally Seen Before

So, How Does ANY SPEAKER Get that All-Important First Gig???

This is the "plan" I saw most speakers following:

  1. Beg anyone and everyone to let you speak for free.

  2. Wait for "word-of-mouth" to kick in.

  3. Practice your speech some more.

  4. Join Toastmasters to count some "ums."

  5. Submit yourself to the bureaus. Then submit yourself to the rejection.

  6. Post some quotes on social media. Waste 40 minutes scrolling aimlessly. Go back to see if the little numbers next to the little hearts went up. Repeat.

  7. Get some new business cards made just so you can go to all the networking events that you hate.

  8. Google speakers who are more successful than you. Get depressed.

  9. Decide to start a podcast. Spend months researching. Quit after 2 episodes to start a blog instead...then a YouTube channel...then a Facebook page...then a...

  10. Fill out 279 "Calls for Speakers." Get ZERO calls from planners.

  11. Send your "weekly" email newsletter out once per month. (To twelve of your friends.)

  12. Nag a few meeting planners on LinkedIn. Demand an explanation when they don't hire you. Deal with the restraining order later.

  13. Max out your credit cards on an expensive web site, 1-sheet, and sizzle reel.

  14. Obsess over article marketing, SEO, networking, PPC ads, branding, postcard marketing, and every other DISTRACTION that comes along.

  15. Go to a speaker's association meeting and find someone to whine with about the speaking business being "all dried up."


How About a Big, Fat, NOPE!?!

This is what pisses me off. It's as though the guru's who teach them this stuff don't remember what it was like to start out.

There's no way that stuff was going to work for a no-name like me with no budget, no web site, no demo video, no prospects, and no hope of any prospects!

(SPOILER ALERT: I obviously found a workaround. Here's a pic from my first paid speaking gig!)

Here's how I did it:

  1. I found targeted groups who were HOPING to hear from speakers.

  2. I convinced dozens of them to let me speak for free.

  3. I did NOT wait around. I did NOT cross my fingers and hope. I did NOT waste my time on stuff that only worked thirty years ago. Instead, I did 39 very specific things before, during, and after each free gig to get a pile of leads who have SEEN ME SPEAK or know someone who has.

  4. I followed up with them using a separate, systematic process and booked me some paid gigs!


It worked insanely well and insanely fast. I started in October, I was standing on stages in November, and I had booked my first paid gig by February.

I went from absolute zero (not even a speech or a speaking TOPIC!) to building a relationship worthy of a $995 paid gig in less than five months.

This is What the Difference Looks Like Graphed Out...

Now Things are a Little Different.

A thousand bucks a gig is nothing to sneeze at, but that first gig was only the beginning.

Here are some "humble brag" milestones I've hit along the way.

  • Regular gigs at 5-figure fees plus first-class air, ground, and lodging.

  • Hundreds of major media appearances.

  • A mid 5-figure book deal with Penguin Random House.

  • Dozens of Fortune 500 clients - who graciously treat me like a king.

  • A TEDx talk.

  • Multiple six-figure income.

  • Exclusive representation from a top speaker's bureau.

  • The ability to say "No" to any gig or fire any annoying client.

  • And all the creature comforts of a cushy speaking business.

I Know, I Know...Most People Don't Have the Same Experience. Here's Why:

People were asking me how I was booking gigs and I happily jumped on the phone and told my system to anyone who wanted to listen.

Months later though, they were still right where I left them.

Same system as me, zero results for them. WHY!?!?

Well for starters, some didn't do it.

  • "That won't work for me."

  • "I'm not ready yet."

  • "That's too much work."

  • "I'm too old."

  • "I'm too young."

...were all common excuses.

For the few who DID try, every single one of them botched it.

  • Some had no idea how to pick which kinds of organizations to start with.

  • Nobody was doing ANYWHERE NEAR 39 things at every gig to get leads and paid gigs.

  • Others blew it in the strategic follow-up phase.

  • Some tried to get too creative and ended up just complicating things.

  • Some got so wrapped up trying to write the perfect email, script, or come up with the perfect tool that paralysis by analysis set in and they got nowhere fast.

I Finally Got So Frustrated that I Just Did Everything FOR THEM!

I hand-picked their prospect lists, I wrote their emails, I created their most important marketing and business documents, I made videos that held their hands through the process and spelled out exactly what to do and when, with plenty of samples and examples along the way.

And all that was just the beginning of this course...

Introducing the Get Speaking Gigs How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 PAID Gigs - Course and Toolkit!

Your direct line to highly-paid speaking gigs

After personally working with hundreds of speakers, tweaking the process, troubleshooting and fool-proofing, addressing every single issue that came up (and doing much of the dirty work for them,) I'm excited to announce the latest Get Speaking Gigs online course, How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 PAID Gigs - Course and Toolkit.

It's an online course and toolkit with bite-sized, step-by-step, action-oriented video tutorials that take you by the hand and walk you through every step of the process. There are downloadable .mp3 versions so you can listen while you're driving or working out. There are tools, resource guides, checklists, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, scripts, templates, and so much DONE-FOR-YOU stuff that you'll be able to hit the ground running faster than I ever did.

But it's not about the "stuff" that you get. It's about the years of experience and thousands of embarrassing mistakes and lessons from the lost gigs along the way. It's about skipping that part where you waste years following the traditional "bad guru" advice.

If a highly paid keynote was like your favorite meal, then the How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 PAID Gigs -  Course and Toolkit isn't just the "recipe" for cooking up keynotes from scratch. It's more like having a top chef show you every step of the way - oh, and giving you all the ingredients portioned out perfectly in neat little glass bowls.


Course Highlights:

  • My complete, turnkey system for getting on stages by next month.

  • My ENTIRE 39-point action item checklist that turns gigs into multiple gigs and multiple pay days (including the exact $12,000 piece of paper.)

  • Exactly what to do the next time someone asks for "more information" so that a hot lead never slips away again.

  • How to market and sell yourself, set your fees, negotiate, and book the darn gigs!

  • The real secrets behind successful web sites and the number one thing that yours MUST do.

  • How to save thousands on a demo video that will STILL blow away the competition's.

  • Forget about “paying your dues.” I’ll show you how to be the kind of “overnight success story” that the other speakers are jealous of.

  • How to talk to prospects so you don’t sound like an inexperienced, uninitiated idiot.

  • And SO much more! (Including lifetime updates)

You will literally learn EVERYTHING that you need to get started as a wildly successful speaker in TODAY’S marketplace from someone who is doing it right now.

"Got two speaking requests already from my last free speech. One to speak at Deloitte, and one for a PR agency in NYC. Not bad! There were only 12 people in the audience. LOL!"

Alan Samuel Cohen
Elite Platinum Member

"I have just been asked to give a keynote at one event, AND...a workshop and keynote at another. One is in August and the other is for January. These are both highly paid as well as the first two paid presentations from using Tim's system."

Mike Van De Carr
Magician (and now speaker!)

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Some MORE Goodies That You'll Immediately Get Access To:

Full-length videos of my first paid keynote and a more recent keynote

The EXACT proposal I sent to book my first $995 gig

Audio Program: "How to Get Gigs from a Market that 90% of Speakers Don’t Even Know Exist"

A video tour of all the gadgets and gizmos that I travel with as a professional speaker.

A video tour of ALL the apps I'm currently using to make my speaking biz run smooth as silk. (These are SOOOO cool!)

A video tour of the important business forms and marketing documents that every speaker needs, AND THE RIGHTS TO COPY AND PASTE THEM.

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The How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Your First 100 PAID Gigs - ONLINE COURSE

Full-length videos of my first paid keynote and a more recent keynote

The EXACT proposal I sent to book my first $995 gig

Audio Program: "How to Get Gigs from a Market that 90% of Speakers Don’t Even Know Exist"

A video tour of all the gadgets and gizmos that I travel with as a professional speaker.

A video tour of ALL the apps I'm currently using to make my speaking biz run smooth as silk. (These are SOOOO cool!)

A video tour of the important business forms and marketing documents that every speaker needs, AND THE RIGHTS TO COPY AND PASTE THEM.

One-on-one strategy session with me, Tim David

Monthly group coaching and implementation calls with the other members and me.

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Sign up and log in. Have a look around. Take 30 days to decide if this is right for you. If, for any reason (or for no reason at all) you decide that this program isn't worth it for you, then I'll give you a complete refund via PayPal. No questions asked. No fine print.



"My wife still says that the program was one of the best investments I've made."

Matthew Neely
Pastor and Speaker, Ohio

"I can honestly say that I have more leads and interest from that one speech than from the whole of the last couple of years combined. I've already had a conversation this morning with someone who wants to pay me to come and deliver a workshop to his staff. This thing is dynamite!"

Will Baldry
Speaker and Hypnotist, UK

"Tim's put together an amazing program that's an absolute must for anyone wanting to break into the speaking business. He's walked the talk, and really delivers!"

John Kaplan
Magician, Canada

"Tim David is AMAZING! He has the uncanny ability to take something as mysterious and guarded as the public speaking world and make it templated step-by step easy to break into and succeed in no matter what your experience level is. I came into his program knowing little to nothing about the field and left with an action plan and more knowledge than 99% of the population. I have no problems saying that, if applied with action, Tim David can lead you to an extremely successful speaking business."

Adam Tarbox
Magician, NJ

This is NOT For You If... plan a lot, but rarely do. tend to blame external circumstances when things go wrong. lack self-discipline and break promises to yourself. think a program like this is an expense instead of an investment. have thin skin or give up too easily. are hoping for tiny improvements. like to pay for a professional opinion, then debate it.

This IS For You If... have a strong desire to HELP people. feel like you are called to share a message or a story. want to grow your speaking game by leaps and bounds. want to cut the learning curve and avoid the painful, costly, embarrassing, and INEVITABLE mistakes that will set you back years. want a proven plan of action so you can focus on getting it DONE!


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