How to Book Five-Figure Corporate Speaking Gigs from Start to Finish

Hi, I'm Tim. I help speakers get more gigs at higher fees - even if you don't think you have a corporate-sounding topic. Even if nobody knows who you are.

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"An absolute must for anyone wanting to break into the speaking business."

John Kaplan
Magician and Speaker, Canada

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Well, The Get Speaking Gigs book is a great place to start. And while you're waiting for it to arrive, scroll down to the top or the bottom of this page for to watch a webinar.

Many of my clients said that too - before we worked together. If you can help people, then you can help organizations (which are made of people.)

So your job is to package and present your ideas in a way that makes organizations want to invest in you.

I can help and THIS is the place to start.

Not my specialty. I'm all about helping you earn high fees with your speaking. Allow me to introduce you to Majeed over at He's the master of turning free speeches into high-end clients.

In a past speaker life, I did hundreds of paid presentations for K-12 and college audiences. However, for up-to-date advice on building a youth speaking business, there's no better resource than Youth Speaker University.

Simple. Fit comes first.

It's the same in my speaking business. If I can't help you, then you can't book me.

You'll notice these are not affiliate links. It's not about earning commissions. The only purpose is to help you find the right fit - even if it's not one of our programs.

I only do one thing well - I help speakers to book high-fee corporate speaking gigs. If that's a goal on your radar, then you're in the right place.

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"Yesterday I did my first [course material removed] and the level of engagement and activity after my talk was just off the chart compared to any of my previous speeches! I can honestly say that I have more leads and interest from that one speech than from the whole of the last couple of years combined. I've already had a conversation this morning with someone who wants to pay me to come and deliver a workshop to his staff. This thing is dynamite!"

Dr. Will Baldry
Hypnotist and Speaker, UK

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