6 Reasons Why Your Free Speeches Haven't Turned into Paid Speeches

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2021
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3 Reasons to REJECT a Speaking Gig

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021
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The 8 Markets Currently Paying Speakers

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

In no particular order, they are:

  1. Corporations
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Associations
  4. Government
  5. Non-Profit Organizations
  6. Religious Groups
  7. Education
  8. Individuals
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What Makes Meeting Professionals Want Your Speech?

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021
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What Really Makes a Difference in Your Speaking Business?

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021
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The ONLY Way to Do Q&A as a Speaker

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2021
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How to Charge for Your Speaking Services

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2021
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How to Finish Writing Your Speech

Uncategorized May 28, 2021
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Laying Out Over $50K and All the Feels

Uncategorized May 26, 2021
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How to Get Started Doing Speaking Gigs from Scratch

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

The Steps:

  1. Choose Your "Bookable" Topic
  2. "Package" Your Information
  3. Speak
  4. Leverage
  5. Legitimize
  6. Scale
  7. Celebrity
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