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Founder: GetSpeakingGigs.com

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DAY 1: April 26th, 2021 - KICKOFF!


Former EVP of Premiere Speakers Bureau, Former Board Member for the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, and Founder of The Speakers Group 

The Unstoppable Speaker - The Three Keys for Getting Booked Post-COVID

Where does your great, bookable speaking topic come from? How can you be CERTAIN in an uncertain time and go from frantic to focused? What has to happen before we can even begin to think about business strategies? How did one of Shawn's non-celebrity clients use a piece of paper to land a $50,000 VIRTUAL speaking gig? What's the REAL difference between a successful speaker and a speaker who can't get booked? How EXACTLY do you talk to potential clients about what you do? Shawn's experience allows him to expertly answer all of these questions and more. www.TheSpeakersGroup.com


Author, "Do It! Speaking" and Founder of DoItMarketing.com

What it Takes to Win as a High-Fee Speaker in 2021

Expect knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb. You won't be able to take notes fast enough with every writer-downer that he's going to hit you with. This man is an absolute powerhouse and we should all be running, not walking, to jump on any chance to get within earshot of his speaking wisdom. www.DoItMarketing.com

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Founder and President, Shore Consulting

Think Bigger: The Real Secrets Behind Jeff's 7-Figure 2020

Humble, grateful, and candid - Jeff is laying it all out; graciously discussing his biggest revenue streams, business philosophies, strategies for scaling up, and what it takes to play in the big leagues. COVID wiped many speakers off the map, but Jeff's company had a boon year. While many were fighting over scraps, Jeff was signing six-figure contracts. Find out what makes him different, and how you can do it all too. www.JeffShore.com


Founder, BigMoneySpeaker.com

Big Money Speaker® Secrets:
How to Get Highly Paid Sharing
Your Message, Story & How-To Advice!

Highly paid indeed! Nobody has helped more speakers to score big paydays than ABC's Secret Millionaire himself, James Malinchak. A personal mentor (and icon) for me and for speakers around the world, this session is like a library combined with a gas station...Just pull up and start pumping your brain full of knowledge! www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

DAY 2: April 27th - Art of Speaking I


Message Strategist, TEDx Executive Producer

Find the Red Thread in Your Message

What makes a message unquestionably great? How can you get more engagement from your audiences (even virtually)? What does it take to guarantee that your clients will get the transformation they hoped for when they hired you to speak? How can you make sure that they'll remember and apply your message long after you leave? Tamsen looked into the human brain and found the answer. www.TamsenWebster.com


Founder, True Speaking Success

How to Turn Your Message Into a MASTERPIECE

I promise that this presentation will affect and impact you personally as well as professionally. You will learn the #1 responsibility you have as a speaker and how to CRUSH every stage or screen you ever present on. Arel is a master at turning good speeches into GREAT speeches, so this could very well be the most valuable session of the entire summit. www.TrueSpeakingSuccess.com


The TED Talk Whisperer

How to Make YOUR Ideas Worth Spreading

TED has fundamentally changed what audiences expect from a speaker. Devin and his team at Connect to Compel have done the work of sifting through the MOST popular TED and TEDx talks in order to uncover the three essential components of a great message. You'll hear exactly how he got his client into the top ten most-viewed TED talks with over 35 million views and counting. www.ConnectToCompel.com


THE Presentation Skills Expert, Award-Winning Speaker, & Speech Coach

Legendary Presentation Skills for Stage and Screen

Few speakers alive today can truly carry the label of "legendary." Fripp is legendary. Here, she's at the top of her game as she lays out a masterclass in speech craft and delivery. She reveals, the four ways to begin a speech with impact, how to know when audience engagement is a mistake, whether your talks should be scripted or off-the-cuff, and when even the world's best presentation skills aren't good enough. www.Fripp.com

DAY 3: April 28th - Tech Day


Founder of techsytalk and Liz King Events

The Tech They Expect: Avoiding Embarrassing Mistakes With Your Virtual Setup

Less is more. This presentation is for someone who is ready to take a hard look at their current set up and face the facts that "good enough" may not be good enough anymore. www.techsytalk.com


Founder, SpeakerFlow

The "New-Fashioned" Way Of Prospecting

More tech just for the sake of more tech is a mistake. At best, the learning curve frustrates and confuses you. At worst, you'll lose valuable human-to-human contact. Instead, let Taylorr show you how technology can be used intelligently and strategically to both remove the pain of prospecting and differentiate you from the pack - making even more meaningful connections with people who can hire you. Easier, faster, AND better? Yes, please! www.SpeakerFlow.com


Owner of Speakers, Inc., Co-Creator of WeSpeak App, Author of Speaker Savvy 

International Speaking Opportunities 

Bronwyn is a giver - and she has a wealth of experiences to give from. Heading up one of South Africa's leading speaker agencies for twenty-two years and being a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa are just two examples. Having her finger on the pulse of the global speaking industry put this award-winning event professional in a perfect position to be on the team that introduced the WeSpeak app to the industry. This session has her clearing up some mysteries about speaking internationally, and unveiling an exciting new piece of tech that makes it easier than ever.


Tech Magician, Audio Wizard, Speaker, and TEDx Coach

Sweet Setup! - How Amazing Tech Helps You Tell Better Stories and Book More Business

How did this man do SEVENTY paid virtual gigs during lock down? He must have lowered his speaking fee, right? Nope. In some cases, his fee TRIPLED. How? How? HOW??? Better marketing that sells a better speech delivered in a better way. During this session, you'll get the full backstage pass. Let's geek out on tech, but let's do it with purpose. Your jaw will drop at the possibilities. www.ConquerTheRedDot.com

DAY 4: April 29th - Marketing Day Part I


Author, The Successful Speaker and Founder, TheSpeakerLab.com

The Speaker Success Roadmap

Grant is a legend in the speaker marketing world. He'll be kicking us off with an overview of his 5-part SPEAK model and the kind of sage advice that only comes from someone who has been there, done that, and brought hundreds of other speakers along with him. www.TheSpeakerLab.com


Hosts of The Email Marketing Show

How to Send MORE Emails That People LOVE

This is going to be FUN. These two entertainers have absolutely been obsessed with perfecting how businesses can best send regular emails to their lists. And for good reason! It could very well be your best marketing tool (outside of your speech) - but too many speakers mess it up. I guarantee you've never heard of email strategies like these before. It would be impossible to leave this session without multiple improvements in how you run your email newsletter - which can ALSO be applied to your social media strategy, blog posts, podcasts, etc. www.EmailMarketingHeroes.com


Co-Founder of Super Connector Media and Former VH1 Co-Host

The Super Connector Method - How to Use Publicity to Skyrocket Your Brand

Imagine what it would be like to be on TV or in the news. What if a major media outlet pointed their huge spotlight directly towards your business? Talk about amazing exposure! (Never mind the instant credibility and fee increase...) This is a no-brainer for speakers, authors, consultants, and experts who want to make a major difference with their message. www.SuperConnectorMedia.com


Director of Virtual Training at eSpeakers.com

A Simple Sales Pipeline for Speakers that WORKS

Over and over again, you'll heave a sigh of relief as Caelan removes the big myths about what sales should be like in the speaking industry. Myths that have been stopping you from booking gigs and making money. He solves ancient mysteries such as, "Which CRM should I use?" "What do I SAY to a potential client on the phone?" "Does selling really have to FEEL so 'icky'?" You'll leave this session with a step-by-step plan for turning speaking into a predictable income for yourself and your family. www.CaelanHuntress.com


Top 50 Digital Influencer - FORBES

Building Your Personal Brand to $100K Speaking Deals

Erik's brand is unmistakable, and so is the impact it has had on his income. He'll share the 4 different profit centers he's been able to leverage his brand into and he'll give you practical, doable tips for creating your own million-dollar brand (with or without bright green glasses!)

DAY 5: April 30th - Education Market Day


Lead Coach, Youth Speaker University

7 Steps to Success in the Youth Market

Who hires youth speakers? Where can you find them? What is the difference between successful youth speakers and the ones who give up? Is Clubhouse worth the time for youth speakers? How has the pandemic affected the youth market? What are the 7 steps? Which is most important? What are the big myths about the business of speaking to young people? Clint is delivering an all-out brain-dump based on his years of coaching youth speakers and decades of personal experience. www.YouthSpeakerU.com


Speaker and Marketing Consultant

A Hidden Speaker Market: Teacher In-Service and Professional Development Programs

Is it possible to get paid thousands of dollars to speak to teachers and administrators - with NO DEGREE, no certifications, and no book? Of course it is! This man will show you exactly how he did it and how you can do it too. Who books these gigs? Where can you find them? What's the best way to contact them? What should you charge for this kind of work? I'll ask him everything.


Educator, Creator of The Curriculum Translation Program

How to Turn Your Speech or Book into a School Curriculum that SELLS 

"Your stuff should be taught in schools!" Ever heard that? Well guess what? You can make big money selling curricula into schools. When you can offer a curriculum, you become more bookable (and more expensive.) A curriculum is the vehicle for your ideas to change students' lives - on a massive scale. This session is a game-changer. Stay until the end and be rewarded with a million-dollar idea that Carlos just kinda throws out there. www.CJMotivation.com


Youth Motivational Speaker

Making an Income Making a Difference

Jessie Funk is a force. An 18 year veteran of the youth market, licensed therapist, author of four books for teens, founder and executive director of a non-profit organization running teen leadership camps, social media influencer, and talented singer to boot. Now she's adding "Next Stage Summit Presenter" to her resume as the cherry on top. Not to be missed! www.TheIvyFoundation.org

DAY 6: May 1st - Art of Speaking II


The "Like Magic" Founder of the Expert Speaker Institute

How to Earn Six Figures Booking Free Gigs

It's easy to get free gigs, but hard to earn a living that way. Unless you're magic. Majeed will help you go from the best kept secret to the go-to person in your field with a signature speech that attracts your ideal client. He is WORLD-CLASS at teaching people how to implement this brilliant speaking model. www.ExpertSpeaker.com


The World's Most Followed Voice Coach

Command Any Room with Your Voice

Per is unlike any other vocal coach you'll ever meet. You know what those coaches talk about, right? Using your diaphragm? Vocal variance? Posture? Enunciation? Breathing techniques? Warm-ups? Yeah, sure. All important stuff, but don't expect much of it in this session. Listen, it's no big mystery why Per gets the kinds of results for his clients that no one else can. His approach is simply different. Join us and get ready to have your voice unleashed. www.SpeakWithFreedom.com


2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

Make Your Presentation Unforgettable

Every speaker can be world-class. How? Darren will show you in this interview. Look forward to practical, actionable advice from someone who has been there, done that, and won the world championship. Especially valuable is his take on the #1 difference between doing live presentations vs. virtual. Oh, and his 77-day challenge idea. Oh, and his 20 "pace changers" for virtual. Oh, and the MOST important thing that a speaker needs to do. Oh, and...and...and...You know what? It's probably better if you just experience him for yourself.  www.DarrenLaCroix.com


Former Member of Penguin Random House's Editorial Team and Creator of the Silver Bullet

The Simple Trick that Made Tim $86,500 in Referrals from One Gig

Yes. I earned $86,500 from direct referral gigs after applying Neil's techniques the very first time. In a single coaching session, he took my speech from one that gets ovations, to one that gets engagements. Since then, this technique has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into my pocket and he's agreed to give it to you in this session. www.NeilCanHelp.com

DAY 7: May 2nd - Opportunities Day


Certified Association Executive, Founder of Selling to Associations

Get Paid to Speak at Association Meetings

Association gigs are the holy grail for many speakers. It's an audience FULL of potential prospects! There is no one with more experience in the association market than Ed Rigsbee. You'll learn where to find more associations than you could ever speak at, how to approach them, and EXACTLY what they want from you as a speaker. www.SellingToAssociations.com


Co-Author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and Founder of Facebook Advertising Secrets

Online Courses: How to Conceive, Create, and Promote Your Guaranteed Winner

There's never been a better time to launch your online course. However, no time is a good time to launch if you can't guarantee that your course will sell. Andrea Vahl reveals her complete process of producing quality online courses that can turn your expertise into an additional revenue stream with very little risk of creating nothing but an embarrassing flop. www.AndreaVahl.com


Founder, Sponsor Concierge

Get $10K to $100K From Corporate Sponsors, Even if You're Just Starting Out!

Imagine giving away a free speech, but getting someone ELSE to pay you a five-figure fee! This is just one way you can take advantage of the world of corporate sponsorships as a speaker. Let Linda will be your tour guide as she explains opportunity after opportunity. www.SponsorConcierge.com


Founder, The Expert MC

Nothing Comperes: Why Every Speaker Should Add MC Services to Their Portfolio

Organizations are still hiring MC's (Masters of Ceremonies) for their events - even for virtual and hybrid. So there's no reason why you couldn't add these services to what you're already doing. If you're comfortable engaging an audience (on stage or through a screen) then you have a very marketable skill. Mr. Hyde is paid handsomely to do so, and in this session he'll show you how you can do it too. www.ExpertMC.com

DAY 8: May 3rd - Marketing Day II


Speaker and Creator of Endless Speaker Leads

Endless Speaker Leads

Jess will take you into his computer and show you exactly where and how he digs up speaking lead after speaking lead using simple tools available to anyone. Leads are the fuel of any business and Jess lays out, step-by-step the entire process of drilling for oil. www.EndlessSpeakerLeads.com


Founder of SpeakerHub.com

How to Get to the Top of the Booking Pile

SpeakerHub.com has facilitated thousands of bookings. Learn direct from the founder exactly what gets some speakers booked, and what gets other speakers skipped. www.SpeakerHub.com


The LinkedIn Whisperer

The 4 LinkedIn Strategies for Speakers

Brynne BRINGS IT in this session. You're absolutely going to want to sit in as I pick her brain about the mistakes most speakers make on LinkedIn, and the four engines that drive LinkedIn success. Action item after action item to get every drop of value from the most important social platform that a professional speaker can be on. www.SocialSalesLink.com


Head of Meeting Innovation, MPI

What Meetings and Events Professionals Really Want from Speakers

Expect a candid conversation with an established meeting professional. How has COVID affected the industry from THEIR standpoint? What new tools and trends are available now? How can speakers BEST position themselves for consideration? Let's find out! www.MPI.org


The Mama Bear of the Speaking Industry

Confessions of an International Speakers Bureau

When they heard I was doing a summit for speakers, everyone said I HAD to get her to speak


DAY 9: May 4th - New & Emerging Speakers Day


Founder, HeyRed Speaker Agency

The Honest Truth About Working with Agents and Bureaus...

Teresa sees a problem in the speaking industry. It's almost impossible for new speakers to get themselves listed with a reputable bureau until they're seen as "ready". Well, how on Earth can a speaker ever get "ready" without doing gigs!? It's a Catch-22. It's the chicken or the egg problem. In this presentation, Teresa will reveal a new bridge that speakers can use to cross into the promised land of a top spot on a busy bureau's roster. It's based on a similar process that she watched Jeffrey Gitomer use to go from $1,500 a gig to $35,000 a gig. www.HeyRed.biz


President and CEO of SpeakerMatch

How New Speakers Can Get Booked Using SpeakerMatch

If you want to speak more, then you should be seen speaking more, right? It's a chicken or the egg problem. A catch-22. Bryan Caplovitz saw an opportunity to solve it. New speakers want more visibility, but meeting professionals also want to hear about new, up-and-coming speakers. SpeakerMatch was born and now serves the events industry in multiple ways. In this session, you'll benefit from Bryan's birds-eye view of thousands of speakers and tens of thousands of gigs booked. What works? What doesn't? This info will take years off your learning curve. www.SpeakerMatch.com


Meeting Professional, Speaker, and Hospitality Insider

Act Like a Speaker, Think Like a Meeting Professional

Must attend! Deborah's experiences as a planner, supplier, and now speaker make some call her the triple threat. She intimately knows your world and the world of your clients, so her presentation is appointment viewing. www.DeborahGardner.com


Chairperson, National Speakers Association

New Ways to Benefit From NSA Membership

The National Speakers Association is the United States' largest and most well-known association for professional speakers. Barry is at the helm and joins us to discuss how the NSA has risen to meet the pandemic head on. Over and over again, successful speakers credit the NSA as being their most valuable resource. Non-members and members alike will enjoy this peek behind the curtain. www.NSASpeaker.org


President, Short Circuit Media

The Power of a Speaking-Based Marketing Funnel

Aidan has a knack for simplifying complex ideas. This time, however, the idea is simple - turning one single gig into a suite of programs and products. Not only will it give you a chance to earn extra income, it will differentiate you and allow you to add even more value to your clients. www.ShortCircuitMedia.com

DAY 10: May 5th - Inspiration & Implementation Day


Host of Redefining Wealth, Creator of Purpose to Platform

Chase Purpose not Money

From having her car repossessed to becoming Steve Harvey's and Dr. Oz's financial correspondent, Patrice is a rock star and brings fire to the Next Stage Mega-Summit! She reveals exactly how to clarify your niche, beat perfectionism, own the media, secure brand partnerships on social media, prepare for even the unknown, scale up quickly, and of course...use it all to book speaking gigs! www.Purpose2Platform.com


NY Times Bestselling Author. Founder of Owner Media. Solid Dude.

The Real Secrets of Unusual Success

Chris is unusually successful at the art of idea-slinging. A thought-leader of the highest order. Huge clients. Celebrity friends. High speaking fees. Yeah, that's his world. How he got there will surprise you and what he's up to now will inspire you. It's not often you get a chance to be around people like this. Take it. www.TheBackpackShow.online


American Idol Favorite and Speaker

How to Create a "Banging" Year with Speaking

Speakers could use a dose of William Hung's optimism right now. He knows a thing or two about succeeding despite harsh criticism and his message about failing forward just might inspire you. And that's before he reveals how he's managed to re-invent himself over and over again. From the major record deals, to the television appearances, to the poker tournaments, to singing on stage with his idol, Ricky Martin, there's a lot we can learn from his story.


Founder, ShowBiz Blueprint

Swing for the Fences

This man has had enormous success; first as a juggler and now as an author and speaker. His students enjoy huge success in a variety of fields. Why do some people seem to succeed in ANYTHING they do? Because they understand the principles of success. Come and watch as Barry shares those principles within this power-packed presentation of his business blueprint. www.ShowBizBlueprint.com


Host, Next Stage Summit and Founder of GetSpeakingGigs.com

Your Next Stage - Putting it All Together

What were my biggest takeaways from this event? What were yours? (You'll have an opportunity to participate in this live session.) What are the best ways to put it all into practice and get the most value from this event? Feeling overwhelmed yet? I can help. www.GetSpeakingGigs.com